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GB WhatsApp Download APK New Version Latest Update in June. 2024 (Anti-Ban) | Official

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive chat program, GB WhatsApp is exactly what you need. As of the current writing, GB WhatsApp app has surpassed an impressive 70 million downloads—an outstanding achievement for a messaging app, especially considering its status as a modified version in a market dominated by WhatsApp. It offers a remarkable experience for Android users seeking a distinctive chat environment. Upon downloading, you’ll uncover a host of surprises designed to elevate your WhatsApp messaging experience. As a sneak peek into what lies ahead on this page, GB WhatsApp APK guarantees utmost privacy in all your interactions. 

what is GB WhatsApp

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp, a messaging app built upon WhatsApp’s source codes, brings a unique touch to your communication journey. It serves as an advanced version, integrating features not found in the official WhatsApp. Notable among its offerings are advanced privacy options, customizable settings, and additional features absent in the original WhatsApp. In essence, GB WhatsApp is a fusion of the best elements from both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, spiced up with innovations from mod developers.

Typically, users turn to GB WhatsApp Download for its versatility and the ability to tailor their messaging app to suit their preferences. The app’s popularity is further fueled by regular updates, ensuring users always have access to the latest enhancements and improvements. As we delve deeper into GBWhatsApp, we’ll explore its safety, the process of downloading the latest version, key features, and more. 

Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024

As mentioned earlier, the regular updates significantly contribute to GBWhatsApp’s popularity. In each update, developers address issues and introduce new features, whether inspired by WhatsApp’s own updates or innovative additions, such as the recently introduced Ghost Mode by GB WhatsApp developers. Speaking of which, it’s noteworthy to mention that there are two developer teams – AlexMods | HeyMods and FouadMods, contributing to the development of GB WhatsApp. Not collaborating, they represent two versions that, although similar in functionality, differ in update frequency, changelog details, storage size, and OS requirements. Below, we will show the APK files for each team. 

GB WhatsApp APK Download 17.85

GB WhatsApp Update V10.06

Download GB WhatsApp 2023 for Free

Download GB WhatsApp 2024 for Free

GB WhatsApp APK, celebrated for its plenty of advanced features not found in WhatsApp, is absolutely free for download and use. However, it’s crucial to note that not every website claiming a free download link truly lives up to its promise. Navigating through pop-up ads shouldn’t be the price of “free.” What’s more, some platforms may surprise you with hidden charges for certain functions, catching you off guard during use.

To secure the genuinely free GB WhatsApp app, your best bet is to opt for the developer’s sites, like ours. Each download button on this page is meticulously linked to the official GB WhatsApp download page. A simple tap is all it takes to initiate a free download, allowing you to utilize the app without any hidden costs. 

Is GB WhatsApp APK 2024 Safe to Download?

We understand that safety is your top priority, especially when it comes to downloading a modified app. If you’re getting your GB WhatsApp download from here, put your worries to rest. As a developer’s site committed to transparency and security, all APK files provided here are official. We prioritize the highest level of security in the market to safeguard your data and device. Even in this realm of heightened security, our commitment to your safety doesn’t end there—each APK undergoes rigorous testing and scanning before it makes its way to this site. This meticulous process is our proactive measure to protect you against any potential threats.

Features of GB WhatsApp Download New Version

Unleash Your Digital Privacy

GB Whatsapp Digital Privacy

End-to-End Encryption

Messages and calls stay between you and the receiver. No one, including GB WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

Customize Who Can Call Me

Choose who can call you, deciding exactly who gets access to your personal space.

Ghost Mode

Become a digital phantom with Ghost Mode. Your activities remain invisible – frozen last seen, no blue ticks, and discreet status viewing.


Activate GB WhatsApp’s DND mode (also known as flight mode) to screen out notifications while keeping your internet connection on. You deserve the right to choose when to be disturbed and when to enjoy uninterrupted conversations.

Read Deleted Messages

View messages that were deleted, ensuring you stay in the loop even when things are taken back.

Show Blue Ticks After the Reply

Those blue ticks appear only after you’ve replied, putting you in control of your response acknowledgment.

Hide Typing/Recording

Hide those typing and recording indicators in personal chat or group chats, allowing for pressure-free conversations.

Hide View Status

You can stealthily view your contacts’ updates without them knowing. No more compromising your privacy when checking out the latest stories – it’s your view, your secret.

Break Free from the Ordinary in Messaging

Experience limitless possibilities for connection, where your messages go beyond mere words—they embody the freedom to communicate on your terms. With GB WhatsApp Download 2024, be amazed by the ease of automation, the precision of scheduled messages, the broader reach of broadcasting, and more. 

GB WhatsApp messaging

Let GB WhatsApp be your personal assistant

With automatic replies, never miss a beat in your conversations, even when you’re busy.

Perfect timing, every time

Schedule your messages in advance, ensuring your words reach their destination exactly when you want them to.

Reach everyone in a single tap

WhatsApp GB 2024 allows you to broadcast messages to up to 1024 contacts simultaneously, making mass communication a breeze.

Break the forwarding barriers

GB WhatsApp download app extends your reach with a maximum forward limit of 250, allowing you to share messages far and wide without the constraints you find in other messaging platforms. 

More pins, more priority

GBWhatsApp APK 2024 also enables you to pin more than 3 specific chats, ensuring your most important conversations are always at your fingertips.

Express Yourself with Full Customization

Set the color for contact name

GBWhatsApp 2024 lets you set a unique color for each contact’s name, making your chat list as vibrant as your connections.

Personalize Conversation Entry Style

Feel free to customize Conversation UI Entry Buttons, Emoji Button, Send Button, Text Entry Color, and more. It’s not just a conversation; it’s your personalized chat haven.

Change Bubble and Ticks

Express yourself visually. Modify chat bubbles and ticks to match your mood and style. Your chats, your visual language – redefine the way you communicate.

Apply Various Emoji Variants

GB WhatsApp download 2024 lets you choose from diverse emoji variants curated from popular platforms like Twitter and Meta (Facebook) to express yourself with the perfect emotion.

GB WhatsApp customization

Change Notification Icon

Customize your notification icon to match your preferences and stand out from the standard alerts.

Change Font Style

Make your words unique. GB WhatsApp download apk allows you to change the font style, adding a touch of individuality to your messages.

4000+ Themes

Explore, switch, and find the perfect theme that resonates with you – because your conversations deserve to be as dynamic as you are.

Customize the Header of the Home Screen

Take charge of your home screen experience. Enable or disable features like Instagram-like Stories, Separate Chats/Groups, Set My Name, and more. Change Home UI Style, Stories Style, and colors to create a home screen that suits your vibe.

Redefine the Group Dynamics

GB WhatsApp group dynamics

Set the tone for your group interactions

GBWhatsApp APK allows you to personalize notification tones for each group, adding a touch of individuality to your group alerts.

Empower your group privacy

Enjoy a rich set of privacy settings in groups, from hiding blue ticks, second ticks, and blue microphones to concealing typing and recording indicators. 

Create separate group chats

No more juggling personal and group chats in the same space. By neatly separating them into distinct tabs named ‘Chats’ and ‘Groups’, WhatsApp GB ensures a clutter-free experience. 

Control the noise in your groups

Mute group notifications for 8 hours, 1 week, or even 1 year, ensuring uninterrupted focus when you need it.

Keep your gallery clutter-free

This GB version lets you hide group media from your gallery, offering a more streamlined and organized approach to media viewing.

Share Freely, Share Quality

GB WhatsApp Freely

Share all types of files

You can share an extensive array of file types, from PNG and PDF to SVG, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, TXT, and more.

Tell your story, no cut

GBWhatsApp latest version allows you to upload longer video statuses, extending up to 7 minutes. Share your story seamlessly, without compromising on your narrative.

Quality in every detail

GB WhatsApp 2024 lets you share video or audio files up to 1 GB in a single go. No more compressing your media – share the moments with clarity and precision.

Break through file size limit

Feel free to share document files exceeding 2GB in one go. Your important documents, shared seamlessly without any compromises.

No Wonder WhatsApp GB Download is Chosen over Original WhatsApp

CategoryWhatsApp GB 2024WhatsApp
Messaging Schedule messagesNo
Reply automatically
Bulk messages
Increased forwarding messages Standard
Anti-remove messagesNo
Share 1GB video in one messageShare 16M video in one message
Privacy Hide blue ticksNo
Hide typing/recording
Anti view-once
Freeze last seen
Ghost mode
Airplane mode
Customization Custom notification sounds  No  
Customizable online status
Theme store featuring 4,000+ themesStandard  
Rich fonts/emojis/bubbles/ticks/launcher icon packs/header UI choices
Group Increased group membersStandard
Group calls with more participants
Extended character limit for group names
More custom settings in group
Status 7-min video status30s video status
255-character text status139-character text status
Status downloadsNo
Hide view status
View deleted status

Prerequisites on GB WhatsApp APK Download

GB Whatsapp securty settings

Device Compatibility:

Ensure your device aligns with the necessary specifications for GB WhatsApp. Refer to the APK info table above for specific details.

Sufficient Storage Space:

Ensure your device has ample storage space for the APK file and any additional data that may be downloaded during the installation process.

Security Settings:

Take a moment to adjust your device’s security settings, allowing installations from unknown sources. This step is crucial for the successful installation of third-party applications like GB WhatsApp.

Now, with these considerations in mind, you’re just a step away from unleashing the full potential of GBWhatsApp

Installation Guide for GB WhatsApp Download Apk

  1. First things first, download the GBWhatsApp APK file on our website. It’s free, direct, and devoid of any annoying ads or hidden costs.
  2. Once the APK file is downloaded, locate it in your device’s file manager or the designated download folder.
  3. Tap on the downloaded APK file to initiate the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  4. Upon successful installation, open the GB WhatsApp app, enter your phone number, and follow the verification process.
  5. Log in and explore the customization options, themes, and additional features GBWhatsApp offers.

Pro Tip: If you wish to install GBWhatsApp without losing your chats or media on WhatsApp, remember to back them up before making any moves. Restore them following the prompts after opening the GB WhatsApp app.

If you encounter any challenges during the installation process, feel free to refer back to this guide or reach out for assistance. 

Install GB WhatsApp Download App Next to WhatsApp

No need to part with your original WhatsApp! If it’s already on your Android device, go ahead and install WhatsApp GB alongside it. This is one of its gripping features – enabling users to run two WhatsApp accounts, with WhatsApp GB as a versatile alternative.

GB WhatsApp update2023

GB WhatsApp Update 2024

Keeping GB WhatsApp at its peak is our priority for your continued satisfaction. Regular updates are a key part of achieving this. The process to update your app is super simple. Whether you’re already using the WhatsApp GB APK or not, the quickest way to get the latest version is by tapping the download buttons right here on this page. These buttons always link to the newest APK files, ensuring you get all the latest features.

For those of you with older GBWhatsApp versions, no need to worry about uninstalling or backing up. The updated version will replace the data of the old version automatically. Stay informed and enjoy the latest improvements with every GB WhatsApp update!

FAQ on GB WhatsApp Download 2024 New Version

No, updates for GB WhatsApp are not available through the Play Store. You need to download them from our website.

Usually, GB WhatsApp releases updates in a gap of one month. Keep an eye on our website for the newest versions.

No, GB WhatsApp can be installed and used on non-rooted Android devices.

Yes, you can transfer your chats by creating a backup in the official WhatsApp and restoring it in GBWhatsApp.

Yes, Unlike some other modified apps, GB WhatsApp 2024 puts your experience first by keeping it completely ad-free. Ensure you download GB WhatsApp from its official source, like our page, to get the original version that is free from any malicious ad-codes. 


Thank you for choosing as your trusted source for GB WhatsApp downloads. We are dedicated to providing you with a seamless and secure experience, offering only genuine and official versions of GB WhatsApp. Our commitment to authenticity, user-friendliness, and safety sets us apart, ensuring that your messaging journey remains uninterrupted and secure. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via our Contact Us page or join our community group for support.

Final Words

In the grand scheme of messaging, GBWhatsApp APK is the revolution you’ve been waiting for. Offering plenty of privacy options, theme personalization, and more, GB WhatsApp is your ticket to a chat experience like never before. Your download is just a click away—ready to dive into the world of more enjoyable messaging?

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